View of Oberaudorf and our hotel
View of Oberaudorf and our hotel

Bavaria is known for its gentle care of traditions, and tourism in Oberaudorf has over a 200 years old tradition. Get to know the bavarian hospitality form its best side, take part in our customs-events and participate in our guided hikes through the idyllic county and let the stories from our locals bring you closer to our History and Heritage. Be warned! Than many of your guests have had withdrawal symptoms after their vacations, and spoke of homesickness instead or wanderlust in regards to Oberaudorf.

Quiet and easily accessible, located at the outskirts of Idyllic Oberaudorf. Wonderful Panorama from the center of the bavarian and tyro lean Alps with a mesmerizing view of the Kaiser Mountains. Only a quarter mile from the town center and about a mile from the local Train station (Free Transfer)


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